Ninamori CMS

This is a simple yet powerful and feature-rich CMS named after Ninamori Eri↷.

Ninamori CMS is in a very early state of development, many features will be added to it and many other features will be reworked or removed.

It is a free software by GNU definition of software freedom. Contributions are welcome but the repo maintainer reserves the right to change the licensing terms (in case of emergency or if legal flaws are found in the current license).
Current (the one and only) maintainer is Goury↷ and he does not currenlty plan to change the license to anything not free or transfer maintainership.

Current license is GNU AGPL v3↷ with no extra terms and there is no need to change this anytime soon.

Super slowdown of Guestbook is fixed, welcome back to leave more cmments!

Author´s note:

The global internet bloating is a huge concern of mine, and the reason why I decided to make my own CMS. While others have their basic pages as low as few megabytes, Ninamori aims to fit a basic page in a few kilobytes, including media and scripts. Also you should not forget that megabytes of JS tend to freeze most mobile devices, making a website hard (if not downright impossible) to use. Ninamori doesn´t use anything more than necessary: its client side is pure HTML and CSS, with just a tiny bit of vanilla JS. The server side has some external dependencies and intense calculations, but all the resource-heavy parts are well cached to allow the client to get the response as fast as possible. My goal was to completely get rid of the dependencies on the client side, providing it with nothing more but the most necessary information — and the result is slim and efficient, allowing you to make websites that not just look minimalistic but actually are.

Powered by Ninamori CMS (nightly): this is free (as liberty of speech) software!